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Valentine Love is in the air Fri 10:59 PM 16-Jan-2015
Jewelry On Red Carpet Sat 09:58 AM 10-Jan-2015
Jewelry On Red Carpet Fri 10:58 PM 09-Jan-2015
Jewelry On Red Carpet Fri 06:58 PM 09-Jan-2015
New Year, New You Tue 09:29 AM 06-Jan-2015
New Year, New You Tue 12:59 AM 06-Jan-2015
New Year, New You Mon 04:34 PM 05-Jan-2015
Jingle Bells Sat 12:59 AM 20-Dec-2014
Jingle Bells Fri 04:59 PM 19-Dec-2014
All I Want in Christmas Fri 05:09 PM 12-Dec-2014
X'mas Coupon Fri 10:39 AM 28-Nov-2014
Thank You Fri 10:56 PM 24-Oct-2014
Bling It On Fri 11:00 PM 10-Oct-2014
New Grand Opening (Wholesale) Fri 10:00 PM 10-Oct-2014
Fall Favorites Fri 10:58 PM 03-Oct-2014
Masterpieces of Autumn Fri 10:59 PM 19-Sep-2014
Put a Sparkle on Her Fri 10:58 PM 12-Sep-2014
SEP Sapphire Fri 10:58 PM 05-Sep-2014
Color Gems Fri 10:58 PM 29-Aug-2014
You're My Favorite Fri 10:58 PM 22-Aug-2014
Fall In Love Fri 10:57 PM 15-Aug-2014
Celebrity Inspired Earrings Fri 10:59 PM 08-Aug-2014
Sales Week Fri 10:59 PM 01-Aug-2014
New, For You Fri 10:59 PM 25-Jul-2014
Summer Lovin' Fri 10:58 PM 18-Jul-2014
Gift For Her Fri 10:51 PM 11-Jul-2014
July Ruby Fri 10:58 PM 04-Jul-2014
July Ruby Fri 10:58 PM 04-Jul-2014
Bridal Jewelry Fri 10:58 PM 27-Jun-2014
Bridal Jewelry Fri 09:58 PM 27-Jun-2014

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