溫馨提示:天趣當代藝術館攜手藝術海港城美術館  -「色彩‧充滿喜悅」當代藝術展最後五天,創意無限的精湛藝術品,為您帶來無限的歡樂和喜悅!機會難得,不容錯過!
Friendly Reminder: This is the last 5 days of the “Color‧Euphoria” Contemporary Art Exhibition. Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery and Gallery by the Harbour cordially invite you to enter into the realm of infinite color and let the vivacious colors of the art infuses with us.

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         香港天趣國際藝術 6月 1 至 19日在香港海港城隆重舉辦「色彩‧充滿喜悅」當代藝術展,此次展覽盛邀國際藝術大師 David Gerstein、香港著名藝術家 林天行許恩琦 三位為我們共同譜寫色彩的喜悅激情,通過藝術家的感性的內心世界,用他們絕妙的色彩組合為我們盡情傾訴並窺視藝術家內心的神秘桃花源。
         David Gerstein是以色列的藝術家,是當今世上最具創新性及著名的現代表現主義大師。這次帶來一系列近年創作的花鳥經典作品,將雕塑和繪畫溶為一體,透過金屬堆疊的多層結構及豔麗的色彩,創造出夢境、電影般的作品。他在眾多的創作題材中,不得不提及他的城市藝術,在全球包括德國、韓國及台灣等地都有他巨大的作品。其中經典之一的作品莫過於座落於新加坡中央商業區的Momentum 18米高的巨型城市雕塑,正體現出他的強大而堅韌,卻又樂觀的精神。


“Color‧Euphoria” Contemporary Art Exhibition
Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery and Gallery by the Harbour proudly present “Color‧Euphoria” Contemporary Art Exhibition, featuring internationally known artist, David Gerstein, renowned contemporary Chinese artists, Lam Tian Xing and Hui Yan Ki at Gallery by the Harbour from 1 to 19 Jun 2016. The artists’ brilliant color amalgamation speaks for their passion and love of art, unveiling the mystery of their creative souls.

David Gerstein, one of the most innovative and well-known Israeli artists in the world today, is best known for his Pop-Art pieces which combine bold colors with striking multi-layered metal cutout pieces. Gerstein binds these elements to create stunning wall sculptures that catch the eye and convey hypnagogic yet cinematic stories. His choice of subject matters is very in-depth and diverse, within which the phenomenon birds and flowers series, created in recent years, will be presented to you in this exhibition. We could find Gerstein’s art works are displayed in outdoor settings in an array of countries, including Germany, Korea, and Taiwan. One of his highly acclaimed public arts, Momentum, an 18-meter-high painted steel outdoor sculpture that symbolizes the artist’s strong, persistent and optimistic attitude, can be found in Singapore’s central business district.

Lam Tian Xing’s artworks seamlessly integrate both Eastern and Western aesthetics by combining bold colors and rhythmic brushwork with abstract yet concrete imagery. Lotus, a symbol of holy and purity, is inextricably associated with Buddhism and therefore one of his favorite subjects, according to Lam. The Lotus series, featuring 10 ink paintings will be presented in this exhibition. Lam began his practice in Western and Chinese paintings in 1978 under the guidance of masters Wu Guoguang, Liu Guang, Chen Ting, Lin Mu and many more. He has participated in more than one hundred exhibitions worldwide, including but not limited to Centennial Exhibition of Chinese Paintings in Beijing, China National Art Exhibition, Art Exhibition Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening and Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition. Lam’s paintings, Morning Songs and Sideview in Victoria Harbour have accompanied the space shuttles of the Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII in 2005 and 2008 respectively, witnessing these important national milestones for Hong Kong art.

In 1997, the American Freeman Foundation awarded Hui Yan Ki a scholarship to encourage his art practice in the United States. He received the Master of Art from the Fujian Normal University School of Art in 2009. Under the tutelage of some famous artists since his youth, Hui’s manner of painting expression is deeply influenced by Classicalism and Realism. His representational style is often described as “fluid, foggy and misty”, which allows room for romantic and spontaneous imagination for audience. Through the Lotus collection in this exhibition, Hui portrays a usual ethereal grace that is consistent in his other works. This particular stylish approach harmonizes with Lam Tian Xing’s, adding to the exhibition a serene touch in his tranquil stillness. Hui's works were exhibited in numerous places, such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo and have been included in the collections of many art galleries, museums and private collectors.

Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery and Gallery by the Harbour cordially invite you to enter into the realm of infinite color and let the vivacious colors of the art infuses with us.       

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