Im Klang – In the Middle of the Sound

Vol: 207 | 1 Sep 2018

Enjoy French cello playing,
reminisce youthful memories with Tan Dun,
and what happened when girls were added
to a male audience?

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When girls are in the audience, choir boys sing for attention

The St. Thomas Choir is an internationally renowned boys choir from Leipzig in Germany. Singing in the choir is a selfless pursuit requiring artistry and discipline. Or is it? New research suggests all it takes to elicit surreptitious attention-seeking vocal behaviour among the boys is to place a few teenage girls in the audience...
What's New
Im Klang
In the Middle of the Sound
Schools of Cello Playing
The name ‘Im Klang’ says it all. The audience is seated ‘in the middle of the sound’. The players of the Wiener Symphoniker take leave of their traditional places on the concert platform and spread themselves widely throughout the empty Parterre of the hall. Wiener Symphoniker has been holding the “Im Klang” series...
When we think of French playing, refinement, finesse, and elegance come to mind, but during the 18th Century in Northern Europe the cello was still considered a lowly, rudimentary instrument compared to the viola da gamba. The French cello school evolved due to the exquisite playing of Martin Berteau...
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Homesickness: Tan Dun
and his Eight Memories in Watercolour
A Salome to flummox the
Salzburg glitterati
Tan, most widely known for his Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon film score, grew up in a rural Hunan village, and during his teenage years was sent to plant rice with the local farmers. After the Cultural Revolution ended, Tan was selected to attend the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing...
This summer’s Salzburg Festival chatter was dominated by the enthusiastic reviews of the new production of Richard Strauss’ Salome and its new star soprano Asmik Grigorian. This Lithuanian soprano, who debuted in Salzburg a year earlier as Marie in Wozzeck, completely stole the show...
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