The Final Piece of the Jigsaw

Vol: 205 | 1 Aug 2018

Explore composers’ early works,
enjoy Lucia di Lammermoor at Teatro Real,
and discover the orchestra from
Lang Lang’s hometown.

Musicians’ All-Year
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An Interview with
Peter Keller
The Final Piece
of the Jigsaw
L’Ange de Nisida
Edinburgh International Festival
Founded in 1947, the festival grew out of the rubble of the Second World War with the aim of providing “a platform for the flowering of the human spirit”. Taking place in Scotland’s capital city and the world’s Festival City Edinburgh every year, the event has been connecting audiences and artists for over sixty years...
Date: August 3 to 27, 2018
Country: United Kingdom
What's New
A more than luxuriously cast
Lucia di Lammermoor
Bernstein at Ely
An Interview with Humphrey Burton
Madrid pulled together an absolute dream production of Gaetano Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, with a cast few houses could even think about. This production by David Alden, first commissioned for the English National Opera in 2008, sets the scene in a run-down 19th century Scottish household...
Humphrey Burton made his first connection with Leonard Bernstein when Bernstein came over to London for the premiere of Candide. It had opened to disappointing reviews in New York three years earlier and the only part of the work that maintained a place in the repertoire was the Overture...
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An orchestra from
Lang Lang’s hometown
Early Works
Shenyang Symphony Orchestra (SYSO), probably the only one privately owned orchestra in North Eastern China, and definitely one of the very few in this country, may offer exactly what the city most in need: spiritual renewal. A menacing chimney overlooks the office compound of SYSO. There used to be a factory...
The other day I was looking through the earliest articles written for my blog. Some of my early writing is horribly self-conscious, and evidently written with little expectation of anyone actually reading it. But however much this “juvenilia” may make me cringe at its gaucheness, it still has value...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Jazz Suite no.1
III. Foxtrot (Blues)

Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV 12
By Collegium 1704

Egmont Overture, Op. 84

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