A Champagne Toast to 2018!

Vol: 191 | 1 January 2018

Interlude wishes you a Happy New Year
filled with Music and Harmony!

A Champagne
Toast to 2018!
Dance with
Champagne Polka
At the Center of
the Musical Universe
Franz Joseph Haydn
Unravelling the
violin and organ schools
Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival
The HKICMF was first launched in 2009 by Premiere Performances of Hong Kong. As a registered charity, The PPHK is designed to contribute to the cultural diversity of the city by organizing concerts and recitals of classical music with high international standards. The HKICMF presents a series of chamber music performances featuring world-class musicians...
Date: January 17 to 24, 2018
Country: China
What's New
The success in failure Remedy, Unity, Salvation
Rudolph Tang’s Top Ten
A new museum in Helsingborg, Sweden, celebrates failure. Yes, you read that correctly – it celebrates failure. The museum displays corporate products which flopped but which paved the way for greater innovation and extraordinary commercial success (for example, Apple’s Newton device was the forerunner of the iPhone and iPad)...
As the year approaches its end, it’s customary for the press to list their most impressive musical moments of the year. An old cliché as it may seem, a round up nevertheless offers an insightful glimpse into the chaotic and sometimes clueless part of the industry. The world itself is probably more chaotic and clueless than ever before...
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Cultus interruptus
An unusual Rigoletto at Royal Opera House
What’s Your Idea of an Instrument
An Interview with Lapo Vettori
For many reasons this was an odd night at the Royal Opera House. For one, this was the sickest audience I’ve ever encountered. The coughing in the auditorium was so intense, it took on cacophonic dimensions during the scene changes. The singers weren’t spared the winter coughs either. Lucy Crowe, as Gilda, was clearly battling a cough...
We spoke recently with Florentine luthier Lapo Vettori, a third-generation string instrument maker. The Vettori family began instrument making in 1935 and continues today, making violins, violas (Lapo’s specialty) and violoncellos. Over the past 80-some years, the family has made hundreds of instruments, each a part of the history...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Quartet for English horn,
violin, viola & cello

Johann Strauss:
A Night in Venice

Suite For Orchestra
No.2 in B Minor

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