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100% Natural Tea Probiotic
Improve Constipation
Now: HK$108
Original﹕ HK$118
Propolis Extract  
The most natural anti-biotics 
for skin and enhance immunity
Now: HK$168
Original﹕ HK$210
Strengthen Hair Formula
Restores natural hair color 
Helps reduce hair loss
Now: HK$416
Original﹕ HK$438
Health & Beauty
Tonic Powder
(Buy 2 Get 1 Free) 
Promoting metabolism 
Relieve menstrual discomfort
Average: HK$199
Original﹕ HK$298
Women Vital Supper
Significantly nourish your whole body. A safe and reliable choice for female health 
Average: HK$269
Original﹕ HK$359
Lungfit Capsule
(4 pcs Set)
Moistening lung, 
strengthening kidney
Average: HK$475.5
Original﹕ HK$634
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