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We have further adjusted the course fee to reflect the air ticket cost in low season (November) and the low exchange rate from Pound Sterling to HK dollar. The early bird deadline has been extended to 2 November 2015. Please check the attached flyer of the Tree Hazard Assessment Course with Integrated Assessment ( British Accredited LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection Qualification ).

The courses in the pipeline in early 2016 include “Balancing Tree Retention and Public Risk (Tree Health, Inspection and Recommendation) taught by the legendary arborist of the U.K., Mr. Jack Kenyon who had taught many years in Merrist Wood College and “Valuing and Managing Veteran Trees: A three day advanced course for Arborists” by Helen Reed and Vikki Bengtsson. The course material of the Veteran Trees is based on the book written by David Lonsdale who also checked the course material and helped the development of the course material.

We would like to give priority to those delegates who have studied the Lantra Award course with us.


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LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection Qualification
Recognized by both the Hong Kong and UK governments, this advanced level course provides training for competent arborists in tree risk assessment and inspection. It is taught by Guy Watson, one of the external verifiers of this course. Candidates are required to inspect trees and will be trained in specifying the necessary remedial works and recording the inspection findings. The course is not aimed at covering report writing; however, presentation of findings will be examined and advice given.

Class Date: 23-25 November 2015
Examination Date: 26 November 2015
Early Bird Deadline: 2 November 2015

The maximum number of candidates for the class is 15.


This is a popular and highly intensive course. It is a level 3/5 course in the UK. The trainees should be experienced and qualified arborists. They should also have in-depth knowledge of plant and arboricultural science. The vast majority of the content is applicable to the arboricultural field worldwide. The legal aspects and fungi section will be adapted to remain applicable in Hong Kong.

Assessment Procedures

Duration: 3 hours

1. A written test of 20 short-answer questions covering aspects of tree inspection and tree inspector responsibilities. 40% of the overall mark.

2. Fungi identification test. 20% of the overall mark.

3. Two tree inspections. 40% of the overall mark.

Candidates are required to gain 70% overall as a pass mark and must score 70% for each of the two trees inspected and not miss an obvious defect. LANTRA AWARDS Certificates will be issued to those who pass the examination. Those not reaching the standard will receive a report indicating their strengths and weaknesses with suggestions helping them meet the requirements in the future.

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