Date of Course: 9 and 10 November 2016

Venue: Best Western Plus Hotel Hong Kong.
            308 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong

Early bird deadline: 22 September 2016
Application deadline:10 October 2016


Do you think you need some help to improve the leadership and management skills of either yourself or others? Do you see some of your leader-managers making mistakes in the way they relate to other members of the group?  It may be a good idea to organise a professional leadership and management training course, for the key people in your organisation. The purpose of this unique leadership training course is to show the delegates special techniques that will improve their ability to inspire the best performance from themselves and the rest of the team.  This informative and inspiring two day course is packed with new techniques and skills that will make you feel more confident, self-assured and motivated.


Day One - Morning
How do you get the best from yourself and others?
Develop the six key leadership management skills
How to develop goal focus
The accurate use of language: clear, persuasive and friendly
Distinguish the positive critic from the negative cynic
Define your most important ideas
Day One - Afternoon
How to handle difficult people
Use factual, objective language
Prepare your message in advance
Distinguish Reasons from Excuses
When to compromise and when not to
Action plan
Day Two - Morning
Time management training
Understanding "deadline pressure" and "value"
Distinguish between being "busy" and being "productive"
Prioritise work according to its importance
Handling interruptions and distractions
Delegate the right tasks to the right person
The 80/20 principle and its application to time management
Day Two - Afternoon
How your mental attitude affects your results
Inspire more optimism and motivation in yourself and others
Eliminate fear and replace it with confidence
Learn the Continuous improvement formula
Make more rapid progress
Action plan, final summary clos


Christopher Farmer

Chris Farmer is the leader and the founder of the Corporate Coach Group; he has 19 years of experience in training / coaching, leadership, management and motivation to people in both the public and private sector. Chris founded Corporate Coach Group Training in 1997 and he is himself, a leader-manager, who has many years of helping others in the team to achieve their organisational goals, especially during tough economic times. Before setting up Corporate Coach Group, Chris worked in the social services, working with people with learning disabilities, and prior to that, Chris was a Police officer, so he is keenly aware of the ethos of the public services and also of the disciplines of running a business. Chris has designed and delivered literally thousands of training programmes and has coached many management teams both as groups, (usually from 6 to 16 delegates) and as individuals in one-to-one coaching sessions. Chris has an ongoing training and coaching career that sees him and his team of trainers presenting training / coaching programmes every week both in the UK and overseas. In addition, Chris continues his one-to-one coaching service for individual clients, on  weekly basis. Chris' training programmes are structured and very clear. The programmes are designed to help delegates to organise their thinking and, wherever necessary, to improve their technique.                    

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