Professional Coach Virtual Certification (IAC)

Next Intake: 15 October 2020

Benefits of IAC Virtual Certification (IAC-VC) Package:

Programs based on head count and duration at about half the price of similarly accredited programs. Can be done with internal teams.

Cohorts range in size from 3-12 participants. All modules can be done virtually - a mix of synchronous (live) sessions and individual work (reading and watching).

Real-life Coaching Environment
Participants will coach and be coached, unlike other programs which merely focus on theory or process.

Immediate Feedback
Participants will receive feedback from each other and a master coach. They will be asked to internalize the feedback and apply it immediately so as not to forget it.

Ensure that you are working to the highest ethical standards when working with individuals and organizations, either as an internal or external coach.

Learn the 9 Masteries -
​The Global Standard for Masterful Coaching

The IAC® certification process is an ambitious and thorough one. One that evaluates the demonstration of specific Coaching Masteries® that are the hallmark of the most effective and distinguished coaches.

A Community of Mastery Practitioners: 
25,855+ Coaches in 80+ Countries
As part of the IAC Virtual Certification package, delegates instantly become members of the International Association of Coaching.
The IAC was founded by Thomas Leonard, known as the founder of the modern coaching profession, as the global standard for Masterful Coaching.

Sessions led by David A. Davila, MSML, MGSCC

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