Date: 4  June 2020, Thursday
2020 6月4日 周四
Time: 16:00 - 17:30 hrs
Venue: Zoom (link to be shared 1 Day before the session)
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博 然 Gabor Nagy

Gabor is a co-author of the Trait-Map Professional Personality Assessment; the OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire and several other assessment tools and competency models. He also developed Organizational Diagnostic Tools (OD-Map, Team-SWOT, various surveys). 15+ years experience in Talent Management enables him to deliver solutions for Performance Management, Employee Retention / Engagement, Competency Modeling.

Gabor 是Trait-Map职业性格测试、OD-Tools驱动力因素问卷等心理测验工具的作者之一。他也研发了一些组织诊断工具(OD-Map组织效能调研、 Team-SWOT团队效能调 研等)。15年人才管理领域专 业顾问,在绩效管理、员工保 留、继任计划、能力素质模型方 面都有宝贵经验。他服务过的客 户包括:阿美德格、斯博瑞安、 博世、贝迪中国、赢创德固赛、 福斯油品、 盖尔太 平洋、国际铜业协会、英特尔乳 业、国际油漆、克诺尔、全球物 流、上海大众、中化国际、联恒 异氢、联合汽车电子等公司提供 过培训及咨询服务;应邀在德商 会、瑞典商会、英商会、美商会 等机构活动上进行演讲及讲座; 在同济、交大、海事学院、 Nordakademie 、里昂商学院MBA/EMBA班授课。上海对外经贸大学(原上海对外贸易学院)职业发展中心的特聘教授。

How to Understand Your Staff's and Candidates' Personality using Trait-Map®
1.5-Hour Bilingual Workshop   1.5 小时双语工作坊




Trait-Map® is an advanced personality assessment featuring a cutting-edge forced-choice questionnaire, requiring only 15 minutes to create a detailed profile. The impressive speed and accuracy have been achieved by an innovative application of combinatorial optimization.

Trait Map®是一种高级性格测评工具,采用尖端的迫选问卷,只需15分钟即可创建详细的个人资料。通过组合优化的创新应用,取得了了令人赞叹的速度和精度。


Trait-Map® measures 25 traits in the five dimensions of the "Big Five", and it offers acomprehensive range of reports: development report, training reports, group reports, job-fit analysis, interview guide and more. 

Trait- Map®测量“大五”的五个维 度中的25个特征,并提供全面 的报告,包括:发展报告、培训 报告、团队报告,工作适和湿度 分析,面试指南等。


  • Trait-Map® identifies strengths, ideal roles and improvement opportunities;
    Trait Map®识别优势、理想工作角色和改善机会;

  • Guides people in realizing their potential by providing direction and confidence in using their strengths;
    通过提供指导和建立信心来引导 人们实现自我潜力;

  • Improves teamwork and collaboration, reduces conflicts, and accelerates team maturity;
    改善团队合作和协作,减少冲突 并加速团队成熟度;

  • Greatly improves the quality of interviews and selection decisions.
    极大地提高了面试和选拔决策的 质量

  1. How Trait-Map® wascreated
    Trait-Map®创建的来 龙去脉

  2. Which aspects of Personalityneeds to be assessed?

    性格的哪些特质 需要测试

  3. How to read Trait-Map® Reports

    如何解读 Trait-Map®报告

  4. How to get optimal results foryour Trait-Map® Reports

    如何从你的 Trait-Map®报告获得 最佳成效

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