DUSA Training on Jan. 18th

How to Raise Prices and Still Win the Sale?! (Chinese session)  
如何提高价格并还能赢到订单 (中文)

Wednesday, January 18th
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Suzhou Hui Rong Plaza, Holiday Inn Hotel
No. 21 Chengji Road, Suzhou SND
(苏州 虎丘区 城际路21号 ,近浒莲路)


As you may be facing right now, due to increases in operating and raw material costs, you now have to sell at higher prices to your customers.
您或许正在面临一个难题,就是由于运营及原 材料成本的提升,你需要对你的客户提高价 格。

Of course your customers will not be happy with any price increases, and will threaten you that they will switch to other suppliers if you increase prices. In fact, some might have already switched to buying from other suppliers already.
当然,您客户针对您提价肯定是一百个不愿 意,并威胁您如果提价就不再跟你采购了。事 实上,可能已经有部分客户已经转而跟其他供 货商购买了。

Key Takeaways:

Case 1
案例 1
You have a key account that constitutes to 40% of your sales targets 你有对你销售指标贡献40%的一个大客户
Due to increase in your company’s operating costs, your management decide to increase prices by 20% to all customers 由于贵司运营成本上升,你管理层下令对所有客户涨价20%
Your customer is very unhappy with this price increase, and say they would switch to your competitors if you were to increase the price 你的客户对此很不开心,并且说如果涨价,他们就转为跟你竞争对手购买
What would you do? 你会怎么做?

What is Negotiation?
Getting others to give you what you want, by giving them what they want
通过给对方他们想要的东西以让他们给你所要 要的东西
What else do they want besides price?
Price vs. Value 价格 vs. 价值
Price vs. Cost 价格 vs. 成本

How to Handle Price Objections Effectively

How to say “No” without going into an argument with the customer
如何在不与客户发生争论的前提下根客户说 “不”
Uncovering what else do the customer value besides price
挖掘客户除了价格以外,还有哪些需求或想获 得的价值
How to mitigate customers' concerns and reach an agreement
Know when to fight, and when not to fight
知可战与不可战者 胜

How to deal with over-aggressive behaviour in negotiations
Know when to walk away知道什么时候应该走人
Role Play: dealing with a tough negotiation

For whom?
· Sales People 销售人员

· Sales Managers 销售经理

· Senior Managers and Directors 企业高管管


​RMB 200 per person for DUSA Member;
RMB 500 per person for non-DUSA Member;

About the Facilitator 讲师介绍:
Trainer for LeadershipIQ in Asia who have helped international companies achieve quantum improvements in business performances in China and beyond.

c.j. is the 1st and only China-based leadership, sales & experiential learning facilitator invited to speak at the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) International Convention. He is also an Accredited Belbin Team Role Facilitator.

He has so far consulted for and trained the staff and managers of well-known companies such as Evonik, Delphi, Brilliance BMW, Google and InterContinental Hotels Group, just to name a few ....

黄常捷 (c.j. Ng) 是美国培训与发展协会(ASTD)2009 年国际大会的特邀演讲嘉宾,也是ASTD国 际大会有史以来唯一受邀演讲的结合销售、领 导力及体验式培训于一身的 亚洲咨询师。他是一位值得您信 赖的销售领域的咨询顾 问,曾帮助许多跨国企业获得了在中国及其他区域销售业绩方面 的显著突破。

迄今为 止,c.j.已帮助:国际知名企业如 赢创、德尔福、菲亚特克莱斯勒、华晨宝 马、洲际酒店集团 等,提升他们的绩效和业绩。c.j.是 Leadership IQ 在亚洲的首席培训师,也是一名贝尔宾团队角色顾问。

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