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How to Improve your Negotiation Skills in Purchasing?... Tue 10:58 PM 27-Apr-2010
China Labour Law Update Seminar Thu 02:51 AM 15-Apr-2010
進出口實務工作坊 — 貨運及物流上常見之操作問題 Fri 03:09 AM 12-Mar-2010
Last Call for How to handle your company & personal's... Mon 03:30 AM 08-Mar-2010
Last Call for 新《企業所得稅年度納稅申報表》的修訂及填報技巧 Wed 03:55 AM 24-Feb-2010
現代物流工作坊 - - 高效的倉儲及庫存管理 Fri 02:39 AM 29-Jan-2010
互動培訓中心講師新書分享會 Tue 12:49 AM 15-Dec-2009
L/C Operation Procedures & Practice - Different types of... Mon 10:24 PM 07-Dec-2009
China Contract Law Seminar Sun 09:36 PM 06-Dec-2009
Logistics & Warehouse Management Workshop Tue 10:53 PM 17-Nov-2009
L/C Operation Procedures & Practice - Exporter Perspettive Mon 09:18 PM 16-Nov-2009
Last Call for L/C Operation Procedures & Practice -... Thu 10:18 PM 05-Nov-2009
Effective Supervisory Skills for Managers Sun 10:43 PM 18-Oct-2009
Game Design Workshop For Team Cohesion Mon 03:38 AM 12-Oct-2009
進出口實務工作坊 — 探討運輸、通關及保險常見的問題 Thu 04:11 AM 08-Oct-2009
How to Avoid L/C Discrepancies ? Tue 02:06 AM 06-Oct-2009
Last Call for China Profit Tax Update and Transfer... Sun 10:08 PM 04-Oct-2009
How to Handle Difficult People at Work? Tue 03:59 AM 15-Sep-2009
L/C Operation Procedures & Practice - Different types of... Mon 01:29 AM 31-Aug-2009
How to Handle IRD's Enquiry & Investigation? Mon 09:52 PM 17-Aug-2009
Last Call for What is Financial Health?怎樣才是健康的財務報表? Wed 12:50 AM 17-Jun-2009

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