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如何申報中國個人所得稅?How to file Individual Income Tax Return in... Fri 12:31 PM 12-Aug-2011
信用證運作實務系列(二) — 出口商對信用証認識及應注意事項 Mon 09:45 PM 08-Aug-2011
Negotiation Skills in Purchasing Wed 11:24 AM 03-Aug-2011
Keeping Up with your Professional Telephone Standards Mon 01:46 PM 25-Jul-2011
如何透過信用証協助中小企融資? Wed 12:23 PM 20-Jul-2011
信用證運作實務系列(一) –入口商對信用証認識及應注意事項 Wed 11:15 AM 13-Jul-2011
Problem Solving Skills 如何提升解難能力? Mon 11:26 AM 04-Jul-2011
「一個也不能少」的顧客服務 Excellence Customer Services Mon 11:02 AM 20-Jun-2011
內地薪酬及加班費管理實務 - China Labour Law Update (Salary & OT Paid) Mon 03:07 PM 09-May-2011
如何減低信用証不符點的發生? How to Avoid L/C Discrepancies? Fri 03:22 PM 06-May-2011
Keeping Up with your Professional Telephone Standards Wed 10:14 AM 04-May-2011
認識香港公司法 - 如何避免股東、董事爭議及降低法律上的風險? Wed 01:19 PM 06-Apr-2011
銷售主管 — 如何提升團隊緊密度及銷售量?Sales Supervisor Training Wed 10:15 AM 30-Mar-2011
Creativity Workshop (企業人員之 — 創新思維工作坊) Tue 10:38 AM 08-Mar-2011
個人信貸風險管理講座 Consumer Credit Risk Management Seminar Mon 11:03 AM 07-Mar-2011
Keeping Up with your Professional Telephone Standards Thu 03:47 PM 03-Mar-2011
如何減低信用証不符點的發生? How to Avoid L/C Discrepancies ? Tue 02:26 PM 01-Mar-2011
People Skills Training (管理人員之 — 人際必勝技) Thu 10:27 AM 17-Feb-2011
Mentorship Training 如何在企業建立師徒制? Mon 05:46 PM 14-Feb-2011
Selection & Interviewing Skills For Executives 選人唯材 - 招聘技巧 Tue 10:11 AM 08-Feb-2011
Keeping Up with your Professional Telephone Standards Tue 12:18 PM 25-Jan-2011
"Coach for YOU" Workshop Thu 02:16 PM 13-Jan-2011
認識最新國際商業貿易術語(INCOTERMS 2010)工作坊 Mon 02:47 PM 10-Jan-2011
個人信貸風險管理講座 Tue 11:20 AM 04-Jan-2011
Professional Telephone Skills Training Mon 10:51 AM 03-Jan-2011
How to Set up a Trading or Services Company in China Seminar Mon 03:39 PM 13-Dec-2010
最新勞動合同法及勞動爭議處理實務 Fri 12:58 PM 10-Dec-2010
如何管理「Y 世代」下屬?How to Manage Generation Y's Employees? Wed 03:39 PM 08-Dec-2010
認識最新國際商業貿易術語(INCOTERMS 2010)工作坊 Tue 11:54 AM 07-Dec-2010
Logistics Workshop - 物流工作坊 - 如何控制物料庫存? Mon 10:28 AM 06-Dec-2010

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