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Implement new marketing techniques to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing communications strategy

In today’s fast paced competitive market, all companies are investing maximum effort in getting more new customers and generating demand for their products and services. In this Internet era, how can we make use of the latest Internet marketing techniques and web-based software solution to maximum the return on our marketing investment? In this seminar, experts in various e-marketing solutions, from search engine to online live chat and email marketing will give you more hints in conducting a successful promotional campaign. An international CRM solution provider will also share with you their real-life experience of employing a CRM solution to manage their customer process and leverage the marketing and sales activities.

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Date: 31 July, 2008 (Thur) [Mark your calendar; download iCanlendar]
Time: 2:30 P.M.
Venue: G/F, InnoCentre, 72, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong (SEE MAP)
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Souvenir will be given in Q&A session and lucky draw session.



Grow Your Business with Email Marketing and Reasonable Spread - The Power of Email Marketing

SPEAKER: Mr. Alan Wo
Director and founder of Reasonable Software House Limited 思齊軟件有限公司

Build relationships with easy, inexpensive and highly effective email marketing! In this seminar, we will provide tips to increase your email deliverability and open rates, write good headlines and content, and perhaps most importantly, strategies for getting -- and keeping -- high quality prospects, customers and members. You will learn how to:

    • Become a trusted email sender in the eyes of your prospects, customers, and members.
    • Build your list! How to find and keep email list subscribers.
    • Get your sent emails opened and read.
    • Turn your readers into more frequent buyers/supporters/donators.
    • Target your communications – how to get the right message to the right people at the right time
    • Use email communications to improve customer/member loyalty.

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Ms. Lilian Yuen

tel - 3520 4490 / email -

Founded by a group of IT veterans, Reasonable Software House Limited is an software developer in the area of storage management (NoClone) and web-based business service(Spread). Reasonable Software was downloaded more than 400,000 times with 14,000+ customers in 70+ countries. The company is committed to developing practical and cost-effective online solutions for companies ranging from home users, SMEs to Fortune 500 enterprises.  Reasonable Software is currently an incubatee of the Incu-Tech Programme of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).

TOPIC: CRM Solutions - Leveraging Your Marketing, Sales and Service Activities

Ms. Hermi Chu

Ms. Hermi Chu is the Sales Manager of Exact Software Hong Kong, an international leading business software company with the headquarter in Netherlands and more than 40 self-owned subsidiaries on all continents. Hermi’s management experience in sales and marketing for various businesses coupled with her technical knowledge in software solution has helped many companies to better manage their business processes via the latest software technology.

CONTENT: CRM System - an easy-to-use integrated system to leverage your Marketing, Sales and Service activities
    • Ensure no loss of important customer information by maintaining a complete database of prospects and clients
    • Maximize return on Marketing investment and getting more qualified prospects by better automation of Campaign Management, Lead Management and Telemarketing activities.
    • Shorten sales cycle and close more deals by managing the sales opportunities and pipeline effectively
    • Achieve higher customer satisfaction by efficient Customer Support system and interactive Customer portal
    • Improve interaction with customers and flexibility in reporting via integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office
    • Easy-to-configure process flow to fit specific needs in sales cycle and customer support management
    • Provide real-time sales analysis by various attributes e.g. Account Manager, product, customer etc.

Ms. Cherry Yan

tel - 2520 2428 / email -


Exact Software

Exact, listed on Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999, is one of the leading developers of reliable business software. Exact’s integrated solutions manage companies’ business processes in such areas as accounting, manufacturing, human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM), corporate performance management (CPM), e-business and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Available in 40 languages and localizations and deployed in more than 125 countries, Exact’s software powerfully combines one globally standard product with the localizations necessary to enable worldwide integration. A network of subsidiaries in more than 40 countries worldwide provides enhanced local service and support backed by a powerful global company.



TOPIC: Search Engine Marketing

Mr. Daniel Chan

Mr. Daniel Chan is the Business Director of AsiaPac Net Media Ltd. and AsiaPac Net Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. Daniel’s expertise in brand building, combined with his consumer sales experience, has helped AsiaPac Net Media Ltd. evolve into one of the pioneering leaders in providing effective one-stop cross-platform e-business solutions in Hong Kong.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing strategy that have “pull” effect on customers and businesses. It helps attract (pull) your target customers by constantly fine-tuning the elements of your website to improve its search engine rankings.

SEM helps our clients:

  •      Increase web traffic
  •      Generate sales leads and conversion
  •      Improve brand awareness
  •      Maximize the return on investment (ROI)

Ms. Carmen Ko

tel - 3152 3656 / email -


AsiaPac Net Media Ltd.

We are the gold authorized reseller of Yahoo! HK, the exclusive authorized reseller of Yahoo! China, and the authorized reseller of Google Adwords. Our mission is to help our clients expand their businesses through comprehensive and integrated tailor-made e-business solutions covering Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Banner Advertisements and other E-commerce solutions. With a strong research and development team comprised of qualified professionals to consistently improve our solutions, we have a growing client base with over 1,000 clients.


TOPIC: Actual Live 網站抓客大法,提升營銷效率100%

Mr. Toni Wong

Mr. Toni Wong is the Business Development Manager of Sunfore Technology Limited and the founder of HKiShop computer software online shop ( Toni is a professional IT expert specializing in online business strategy and website brand building solution. Over the years, Toni has helped numerous of clients catch their business opportunities from website.

  1. The step of close deal from your website
  2. Website visitors = potential opportunities
  3. You prefer High click rates or High conversion rates?
  4. Your website is Active or Passive?
  5. How many percentages of visitors will call you directly?
  6. 10 Reasons why visitors leave your website
  7. How do you contact the website visitors
  8. What’s the benefits of “Communicate” with your visitors
  9. How can Actual Live open the channel to communicate with visitors
    i)          Live Chat button on the website
    ii)         Real time know the new visitor come to your website
    iii)        1 second know what visitors want
    iv)        Real time know what visitors browsing
    v)         Invite the visitors open chat with you
    vi)        Keep every visitors record
    vii)       Web Traffic Analysis
    viii)      Online promotion evaluation
  10. Actual Live helps improve visitors satisfaction
  11. Up selling your products
  12. Case Studies
  13. Promotion in this Seminar

Mr. Toni Wong

tel - 2409 2838 / email -


Actual Live

Actual Live is one of the most cost-effective e-business tools on the Internet that can improve your e-marketing campaign analysis. It is an incredibly simple-to-use tool designed to provide website live support services for internet users and website owners.

You can monitor each visitor’s browsing record coming from different search engines or referral sites. Therefore, the activity patterns of first-time or repeat visitors can be easily managed. In addition, you can proactively chat with your online visitors to make sure that you don’t miss a single sales-creating opportunity!




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