Dear valued partners and customers,
Hope the e-mail finds you well. 

As you know from different ways that China is currently suffering from the pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus which may brought lots of concerns to the world , pls allow me to take this opportunity to reach out and say thank you on behalf of Absen team and executives, thanks for asking and caring as our customer and friends which gave us much confidence and encouragement to believe that our country would win from this fight very shortly. 
By prioritizing our employee’s health and safety in the first place, we have proactively taken effective actions for disease control and prevention to protect our employees and company operations, as of now all of Absen employees and their families are blessed to be safe and healthy. Meanwhile, our government has been taking the most powerful measures to prevent it from getting worse which has proved to be that everything has been under control.  
As a customer-centric company , we care of our customer’s business as much as we care about our health, to make ourselves be able to be connected and answer questions, our employees have started to work from home to make sure you still get the best support and instant response. Our factory is in production and under well-organized , and order execution system is running well, thanks to customer’s support and Absen team efforts for years that has laid strong foundation for Absen business to stay healthy in operation today, we are confident that both our relationships and business won’t be effected by the disease as we believe that suffer is temporary, and we have good faith to make each other stronger.
During this period, offline actives with massive people involved would be limited and is not suggested to take, we are going to have webinars that cover different subjects from product launching, training , support or events to keep our customer posted,  your participate are very warm welcomed, and we encourage you to connect with Absen representatives through e-mails, phones, and social apps for any questions and inquires, on-time responses are guaranteed. 
Again, we appreciated your understanding and support .
Thanks and best regards,

Hansen Ding

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